The Roaring 20s: A Tribute to Keith Nichols, 25th September 2021

Earlier this year the global traditional jazz community suffered a sudden and incalculable loss when the great multi-instrumentalist, arranger and historian Keith Nichols died of Covid-19, at the age of only 75. For decades Keith had been one of the world's foremost practitioners, teachers, evengelists, and guiding gurus of all things pertaining to the older … Continue reading The Roaring 20s: A Tribute to Keith Nichols, 25th September 2021

Heroes #18: Carleton Coon (1893-32)

“Coon smiled behind the drums, twirling the sticks like a magician” - Joe Popper KEY RECORDINGS:With COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWKS ORCHESTRA, 1921-29 Some would contend that today's Hero, Carleton Coon, cannot honestly be called a jazz titan: like several other members of our Pantheon including Tony Sbarbaro and Sonny Greer, he performed and recorded exclusively with … Continue reading Heroes #18: Carleton Coon (1893-32)

Heroes #12: Alfred ‘Tubby’ Hall, 1895-1945

'I got my press roll from [...] Tubby Hall'– Baby Dodds KEY RECORDINGS:[?] With DOC COOK & HIS DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA, 1924With LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCHESTRA, dir. CARROLL DICKERSON, 1927-31 Addressing the early life and work of Alfred ‘Tubby’ Hall, hard on the heels of having finished introducing our previous Hero – Mr. Stan King - is … Continue reading Heroes #12: Alfred ‘Tubby’ Hall, 1895-1945