Heroes #18: Carleton Coon (1893-32)

“Coon smiled behind the drums, twirling the sticks like a magician” - Joe Popper KEY RECORDINGS:With COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWKS ORCHESTRA, 1921-29 Some would contend that today's Hero, Carleton Coon, cannot honestly be called a jazz titan: like several other members of our Pantheon including Tony Sbarbaro and Sonny Greer, he performed and recorded exclusively with … Continue reading Heroes #18: Carleton Coon (1893-32)

Instruments #7: The ‘Snappy’ Turkish-style Cymbal, late 1920s

Over a year ago, I promised that I’d be taking a three-part look at cymbals and cymbal-playing in 1920s jazz, each article profiling a typical period instrument from my own collection which I use regularly, and examining some instructive audio examples of our ‘Twenties drumming Heroes using theirs in action. I began with an essay … Continue reading Instruments #7: The ‘Snappy’ Turkish-style Cymbal, late 1920s